Cognac, much more than cognac !

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Cognac is of course cognac the drink, an exceptional product, appreciated throughout the world with 95% going for exports. Cognac producers and merchants have made the name of our town more famous than that of many capitals and even today mark the architecture, economy and daily life in the town.

A flourishing industry

Around the cognac initially an important derived industry developed:

  • packing and packaging whose Cognac shelters a pole of excellence (Atlanpack)
  • glass (Verrallia),
  • cooperage (Taransaud, Seguin-Moreau, Vicard),
  • printing and even agricultural machinery : the Gregoire company, based in Cognac, is the world leader for harvesting machines and also produces machines for olives and coffee beans !

Cognac is also represented in gastronomy with successful companies in the field of exotic cuisine such as Dragon d’Or and SDV. And Cognac also has companies which have no connection with its star product : aeronautics (Aerazur), construction materials (Placoplâtre), production of canoes (Boréal) etc.

A land of welcome for the companies

Thus, being based on an industrial long story, the town of Cognac profits from a true know-how in many trades and to export. Opening a business in Cognac is a way of having an address known throughout the world in a market which is overflowing with skills both in industry and in international trade with major customs facilities and banks well-used to international operations.

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